McCormick Collection


Towels from Riegel’s McCormick Collection make a difference by protecting the environment and providing pure elegance and luxury. One touch says it all with superior loft, brilliant whiteness, and a plushy softness. Guests will love it. Laundries will praise it. The cost savings will speak volumes with increased laundry production through key areas of labor, utilities, and linen replacement. Riegel’s McCormick Collection towels allow 10% more water to be removed during the extraction process and is projected to last more washings than the standard towel. Available in: Washcloth, Hand Towel, Bath Mat, Bath Towel, and Bath Sheet.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Substantial cost savings in the areas of labor, utilities, and linen replacement
  • Increase laundry production by 23%
  • Decrease laundry replacement by 30%
  • Decrease utilities to launder by 22%
  • Maintains Riegel’s superior quality with customer satisfaction
  • Extreme softness for a pure and natural elegance
  • Ultimate value with superior water absorbency

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